Road Closures and Parking

For many people locally, the visit of Le Tour de France over the weekend of 5th & 6th July 2014 will be a fantastic, once in a lifetime experience. However whether you wish to involve yourself in this spectacle or not, it must be stated that for the people of Addingham it will not be business as usual!

The information from Welcome to Yorkshire, Bradford Council and TDF 2014 Ltd, the organising body responsible for delivering Le Tour de France Grand Depart before it reaches London on the 7th July, suggest people need to be prepared for huge transportation disruption.
As far as Addingham is concerned:-
On Saturday July 5:
The A65 from Ilkley to Skipton, Bolton Road from Beamsley to Addingham, and Ilkley Road, Main Street and Skipton Road through Addingham village, will all be closed at 5.30am and will not re-open until they are cleared and considered safe after the race passes through - well into the afternoon.
Although Main Street will be closed to traffic there will be six crossing points for pedestrians when it's considered safe.

The Addingham Bypass will be used as a visitors' car park which will be available from 5.30am until mid afternoon - access to this will be from Silsden via A6034
Secure bike parking in the village available HERE.

On Sunday July 6:
The A65 from Ilkley to the A6034 Silsden Road roundabout, B6160 Bolton Road from Beamsley to Addingham, Ilkley Road, Main Street and Silsden Road through Addingham Village, will all be closed at 6.30am until well into the afternoon.
The A65 Addingham Bypass will again be used as a visitors' car park which will be available from 6.30am until mid afternoon - access will be via the A65 from Ilkley

This of course means that many visitors and spectators will try to come to the town before the weekend and/or use minor roads that will become congested, backed up and possibly blocked. Clearly there will then be many people wanting to leave the area after the weekend and Bradford Council suggest there will be phased road openings and rolling road blocks in place to help with exit transport.
BMDC website road closure details HERE.

No extra train capacity will be in place so the railways will also be extremely busy.

Addingham residents who live on the route and have no off-street parking should now have parking permits for one of the two special areas - the former First School site and St. Peter's Church field.

In general, congestion will not be isolated to the Wharfe Valley but will affect transportation regionally and possibly even nationally if the expected numbers materialise. Similarly please consider carefully if you are planning on using the airport or indeed travelling further afield around this weekend.

On a more local level Bradford Council Emergency Planning Team are working on many different aspects of transport, access and other logistical considerations. For example if you regularly visit Airedale for dialysis etc., plans will be in place to ensure you can get there over that weekend if necessary. Emergency services will be operating and there will be no need to worry about accessing the appropriate service if required.

If you need to get to work outside Ilkley or indeed you live elsewhere and work in town, we advise you make arrangements accordingly for several days surrounding the weekend of the 5th & 6th July 2014 due to the transport disruption. Also we advise that movement in the area could be extremely difficult by car and we advise where possible the use of bicycles, wheelchairs/mobility scooters or legs!

If you feel the need then we advise you stock up on essentials well before the weekend of the 5th & 6th July 2014.

We are very excited about this opportunity and we believe that the enjoyment will far outweigh the disruption if everyone plans their time around the 5th & 6th carefully.